Jeff’s Approach

The Serious Money Approach® helps you (1) create and maintain a Platform of Confidence as your future unfolds and (2) achieve a lifetime of successful results. Created by Jeffrey Ross, JD, CFP®, The Serious Money Approach® is a personal financial planning process that helps you avoid potential dangers, capture potential opportunities, and maximize your strengths and resources.

“Many individuals have already accumulated significant resources, but they may still lack confidence in their future,” says Ross. “They may not have clear goals or a plan to achieve them. They may be taking risks that are too big or unnecessary. Their accounts may not be in order. They may be confused by their financial options. We call this The Financial Fog™, and that’s why we created The Serious Money Approach®: to help you develop a clear and power vision of a bigger future, to help you grow and protect your assets, and to help you make better decisions about your future opportunities.”

The Serious Money Approach® is a step-by-step process. In the initial phases, we help you create a Platform of Confidence through specific life-focusing Serious Money Conversations, as well as help you create a clear and powerful picture of your future that we call your Serious Money Vision Map™. Next we help you identify the obstacles blocking your path and develop strategies to overcome them. This is your Serious Money GamePlan™. To implement these strategies we help you develop Serious Money Portfolios™, which are guided by an investment policy of easy-to-understand principles and practices. And, on an ongoing basis, we offer The Serious Money Team™, where we help you make better decisions, avoid big mistakes, stay on track, address new opportunities, and protect your progress as your life unfolds.

“We developed this process working with our clients during the past twenty-eight years,” Ross says. “We help them understand their current situation—both strengths and weaknesses—and together we create a clear and powerful vision of their future. Then we look at the roadblocks standing in the way, develop strategies to overcome them, and review the available tools—both financial and otherwise—to help them achieve their vision, milestone by milestone.”

To get started with our process, you can complete The Serious Money Starter Kit™. With this set of exercises you will have partially worked through the first phase. Then we will be ready to help you focus specifically on creating a platform of confidence, your vision, your plan, and your team.

“When you have completed the process, you will have clear goals and a plan to achieve them. You will have organized assets, and they will be aligned towards achieving your vision. You will have a strong relationship with a trusted team of professionals. You will have confidence about your future. In addition, you will have the ingredients for a lifetime of successful results.”