The 6 Steps

The Serious Money Approach® addresses dangers presented by a world that is busy, risky, and complex.  Through a series of life-focusing Serious Money Conversations, you create a Platform of Confidence; your family story becomes a clear and powerful vision of your future; obstacles to the vision are identified; a strategic plan is developed to overcome the obstacles; and a path for implementing the plan is designed.

The plan may include Serious Money Portfolios™, which are guided by an investment policy of easy-to-understand Priciples and Practices.  The critical element for achieving a lifetime of successful results is your Serious Money Team™, who coaches you to make better decisions, avoid big mistakes, stay on trackaddress new opportunities and protect your progress along the way.

    • The Serious Money Starter Kit

Where we help you develop your Family Story by organizing the pieces of your financial life

    • The Serious Money Conversations

Where we help you create a Platform of Confidence through specific life-focusing conversations

  • The Serious Vision Map
    Where we help you transform your Family Story into a clear and powerful picture of your future
    • The Serious Gameplan

Where we help you identify the obstacles to your goals, develop a plan to overcome the obstacles, and design a path for implementing the plan

  • The Serious Money Portfolios
    Where we help you follow an investment policy of easy-to-understand Principles  and Practices
  • The Serious Money Team
    Where we help you make better decisions, avoid big mistakes, stay on track, address new opportunities, and protect your progress as your life unfolds