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Last month I shared an email from Peter Diamandis, author of the best-selling book, Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think, describing the amazing advances that have occurred in our world during the past 10 years.

How about a look forward to the next 10 years. What might the world look like in the year 2025, living in accordance with Moore’s Law (which postulates that computer microchips double in size and power every 18 months)? Again, here is the perspective of Peter Diamandis:

A $1000 Human Brain

$1000 computers able to perform 10,000 trillion cycles per second, which is the equivalent processing speed of the human brain.

A Trillion-Sensor Internet-of-Everything Economy

One hundred billion devices connected to each other, to people, to processes, and to data, leading to a data revolution that will create trillions of dollars of newly-created value.

Perfect Knowledge

A trillion sensors continuously gathering data 24-7 enabling us to query for answers and insights into anything we want to know. These sensors will be ubiquitous in cars, satellites, drones, cameras, wearables, etc.

8 Billion Hyper-Connected Persons

Every human being on the planet online at broadband (or faster) speeds, adding 5 billion new consumers, with access to the world’s information, and sharing their brains with the world.

Personalized Health Care

A health care system where each person is the CEO of his/her own health, with biometric sensors (also known as wearables), artificial intelligence, genomic sequencing, robotic surgeons, and 3D printing of human organs displacing the current health care bureaucracy.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Eyewear replacing our current plethora of screen interfaces (our phones, computers, televisions), which will change fundamental ways we operate as human beings (retail, real estate, education, travel, entertainment, etc.)

Artificial Intelligence

The earth with 7.4 billion human beings with 3 billion online


A protocol for digitally transferring anything of value, including money, contracts, stocks, intellectual property. Currently, Bitcoin is the leading example of the blockchain protocol. Bitcoin is the global, decentralized, democratized, secure cryptocurrency that can today be used to pay for purchases from many name vendors and stores.

It may seem like science fiction to you now, but it isn’t. Review last month’s newsletter and see if 2015 seemed like science fiction back in 2005.

Every one of these 2025 areas is already undergoing transformational progress. These aren’t “if” areas of transformation but rather “when.”

Have a great early summer.

Jeffrey Ross


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