The Serious Money Approach®


Thank you for taking a few minutes to learn about our unique financial planning process,
The Serious Money Approach®.

Since 1981, The Planner’s Edge has been helping individuals and families develop bigger futures and make better decisions through a confidence-building process of helping them grow and protect their serious money, the money they will need to fund a lifestyle that they can’t outlive and, secondarily, the money that will improve the lives of their children or grandchildren or favored organizations.

We think that feeling confident about your serious money helps you embrace your future and achieve your life’s dreams and aspirations. We’ve developed a program specifically designed to create a Platform of Confidence about your serious money.

Although you may have already developed significant resources, assets, and earnings, your dreams and aspirations may yet seem unclear or out-of-reach.

Our program will help you transform all the pieces of your family’s current financial story into a clear and powerful vision of your future. And our program will help you develop not only the strategies, but also a plan and path, for achieving this vision.

We recognize that you may not yet be certain that you want help, or that our approach is right for you, or that you are ready now. The Serious Money Starter KitTM was developed to explain The Serious Money Approach® in greater detail in order to help you answer the threshold questions: Do you want help? From us? Now?

We look forward to hearing from you.

Jeffrey Ross, J.D., CFP®
The Planner’s Edge®, Registered Investment Advisor