Jeff’s Book

SMT-Front-Cover-2The Serious Money Train transports readers on a cross-country trip that helps clarify the inherent complexities of successful investing and money management. Author Jeffrey Ross uses the lengthy train ride as a metaphor for the lifetime financial journey traveled by every serious investor.

Strange noises, unpredictable conditions, hair-raising curves and frequent temptations to get off the train threaten the successful completion of the trip. However, Jeff gives readers the principles, strategies and skills to overcome these obstacles, prudently manage their serious money and successfully complete their financial journey.

The concepts and ground rules that Jeff illuminates are based on client conversations and lessons learned over his thirty-year career as a leading financial advisor to investors with substantial assets.

“I wrote this book for people who have accumulated significant assets and too much complexity during their financial journey. I want to be your knowledgeable traveling companion, to provide you with a Platform of Confidence so you can understand and implement a coherent approach to investing your Serious Money. I want to help you reach your destination with a minimum of stress and anxiety by providing strategic thinking and financial solutions that lead to long-term success. In short, I want you to become more confident and relaxed as you take that great financial ride that is your life.”

Jeffrey David Ross, J.D., CFP®